The 2018 UFI HR Award

Companies are undergoing huge changes in their internal departments. The HR Management committee looks forward to honouring the industry’ best practices in managing these changes.

This UFI award competition is open to companies that have successfully developed a programme for staff to evolve, based on the role of HR as Business Partners. The HR Business Partner participates actively in the overall company strategy and respects the company’s economic objectives, placing emphasis on the human element. The human element is a company’s most important asset, and is fundamental for creating a competitive advantage.

Entries to this award competition must relate directly to a specific HR strategy and practical aspects of employee management, not just to a general “corporate” approach to strategic changes.

The most innovative and clearly identifiable cases demonstrating HR role changes from administration to business partners will be privileged.  Entries can be based on any theme that is felt appropriate.

Collaborative entries, involving business partners, are also welcome.

All information regarding the entries submitted will be treated confidentially and will only be used for award selection purposes.

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