The 2018 UFI Marketing Award

Innovative formats creating marketing success

How have new formats made your event successful?

Marketing experts are constantly looking for new ideas, new technologies, new designs and new sets of services to change the exhibition from a simple exhibitor-visitor relation to an engaging marketing experience. Exhibitors and attendees no longer want the same old events they’ve attended in past years. With technology changing and new generations entering the scene, organisers must keep their events interesting and flexible, allowing for attendees to connect with the event and enjoy their overall experience as something new and different. The 2018 UFI Marketing Award is designed to recognise those who search for innovative formats, and are willing to take the risk of evolution and reinvention.



New formats. New events. New marketing success. Award entries must describe what innovative formats you use in your practice and the marketing results of your success. Events these days are changing format. For sustainable marketing success, it is necessary that new and innovative formats are implemented. Most organisers struggle to constantly reinvent the exhibitor and attendee experience with new event ideas and formats. A good marketing strategy can advantage you in a competitive sector and give your next event the ‘wow’ factor. Tell us about innovative formats that transformed your event and created the success.



Your entry must:
• describe how your event formats have changed over the past 3 years;
• include clearly defined and measurable objective(s);
• describe the background of this project (why) and its implementation (how). Make sure to focus on the innovative aspects.
• explain what has made your event successful and why you are proud of it;
• highlight the substantial results that made it a marketing success.



By 15 February 2018
Please provide to a short summary (maximum 4 pages) in English briefly describing your entry:
• Objective and background of the initiative;
• Challenges of implementing the initiative;
• Actions: scope, time, target group;
• Detailed results of your initiative.

All entries will be evaluated by the UFI Marketing Committee. The jury will select three finalists from the summaries received (no justification will be provided for the selection of the finalists or the winner). The three finalists will be asked to provide an in-depth presentation of their entry at the UFI Marketing Committee Meeting on 2 May in Verona, Italy. The winner of the 2018 Marketing Award will then be selected by the members of the UFI Marketing Committee. The finalists will have their entry promoted on and they will gain significant press coverage in major international tradeshow publications, including UFI Info. In addition, the winner will receive a complimentary registration to join and present the winning concept at the UFI Global Congress 2018.

This competition is open to UFI members and non-members (exhibition organisers, operators of exhibition centres, and service providers), on the condition that entries are exhibition-related. Participation in this competition is free-of-charge for UFI members. Non-members are requested to pay €100 participation fee. All information regarding the entries submitted will be treated confidentially and will only be used for award selection purposes.

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