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Join the the #UFIchat with questions around the exhibition industry. We will use our community to address your issues.

Where: Use hashtag #UFIchat and any Twitter chat tool! (TweetChat, for example)
When: 8 February 2018 at: 10am New York, 5pm London and 6pm Paris.
Topic: Focus on HR & its changing role in exhibitions

In a recent blog, One of the Five Trends for 2018, UFI’s Managing Director, Kai Hattendorf sited the quest for talent and skills in the exhibition industry.

UFI’s President, Corrado Peraboni, has prioritized exploring and finding new ways to connect young people to the exhibition industry. This includes outreach to schools and universities to raising more awareness about the career opportunities our industry offers,  and getting in front of young professionals as they choose their career paths, ensuring exhibitions are publicized as an exciting alternative.

Unfortunately, young professionals do not see the exhibition industry as the diverse, fast moving and exciting working place that it is. Last year’s GED17 shared overviews of core job profiles in the industry and included individual insights and quotes from industry members. Infographics, videos and pictures were produced and distributed online.  This year’s GED18’s will focus on increasing awareness outside of the industry and attracting new talent to exhibitions.

To this end, UFI is producing the first annual Educational Forum on HR Management taking place February 27-28 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As the only event that exists for HR managers in the exhibition industry, it provides a platform or HR managers to engage, network and learn like never before.

Another first is the UFI HR Award, open to companies that have successfully developed a program for staff to evolve, based on the role of HR as Business Partners. The deadline for nominations is 19 March.

Lastly, the next #UFIChat focuses on the changing role of HR, recruiting and retaining talent in today’s digital world, and how the next generation thinks we can better communicate our message. Please join UFI’s Sonia Thomas, Eleonora Robuschi, Angela Herberholz, and Diana Salman, #NGLGrant winner 2017 from IFP, along with moderator Stephanie Selesnick for the next #UFIChat. It takes place on Twitter Thursday, Feb. 8 at 5pm GMT.

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