The 2020 Industry Partners Award

The first UFI Industry Partner Award is designed to recognise industry partners who demonstrate innovative concepts, creative campaigns or original projects that drive the success of the exhibition world.


As partners to the industry, we share a common goal: to work closely with organisers and venues in support of sustaining and creating successful exhibitions. The UFI Industry Partner Award “Business Innovation” recognises this symbiosis and aims to facilitate best-practice sharing.


The entry has to show whether objectives were met and what benefits you and your client received. The entry must clearly cover:
• Measurable objectives
• The target group
• How your entry improved customer satisfaction (organiser, venue, exhibitor or visitor)
• The financial performance results
• Lessons learned


By 4 April 2020
Please provide a summary (maximum 3 pages) in English of your activity to:
Please structure your entry as follows:
1) Objectives and background of the initiative
2) Challenges of implementing the initiative
3) Actions: scope, time, target group
4) Detailed results of your initiative and take aways

Add the contact details of your client* willing to provide a testimony about the successful cooperation.
The winner of the 2020 UFI Industry Partner Award will then be selected by members of the UFI Industry Partners Working Group (the jury).
The jury will select three finalists from all entries received by the application deadline. The three finalists will then be asked to provide an in-depth presentation of their entry at the UFI Industry Partners Working Group meeting on 3 June 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden. No justification will be provided for the selection of the finalists or the winner.


• Enhanced brand exposure through UFI’s global reach
• Recognition across the global exhibition industry for providing innovative solutions
• Exposure to significant international press coverage
• Complimentary registration to join and present the winning entry at the UFI Global Congress 2020.

* This award is open to industry partners (UFI members and non-members), on the condition that the entry is exhibition-related and that the service is aimed at an industry organiser, venue, exhibitor or visitor. All information regarding the entries submitted will be treated confidentially and will be used for the purpose of selecting the finalists.

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