UCP – UFI Certified Professional

The UCP consists of two sections: the foundation programmes and the specialisation modules. To obtain the UCP designation you need to successfully complete the UFI foundation course and 16 hrs of modular training.

The specialisation modules are selected, topical offerings that allow participants to tailor the UCP experience to their area of expertise or interest.

UCP Modules

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Crisis Management

As the Covid crisis drove home, preparedness and agility pay off in meeting unexpected, sudden challenges that threaten your people, clients, operations, venue and reputation.

This module will teach participants the foundations and select advanced skills of crisis management to enable them to operate a professional-grade crisis function for their exhibition or congress venue. The module will use a combined theory and practice approach covering a wide range of stakeholders and risks, from hacking, accidents, bad weather, fire and protests to terrorist threats and managing social media rumors.

Participants will be challenged to learn using interactive mini-games, questions and quick surveys which will also help them determine the maturity level of their own organization’s preparedness and help outline a pathway towards improved performance.

The module contains six core components focused on crisis management process, risks, structure, leadership, communications and exercises.

• Know the core requirements for operating a crisis management team
• Understand the main international crisis management standards
• Be familiar with the crisis management process cycle
• Assess principal risks before and during crises
• Apply crisis leadership good practices
• Anticipate stakeholder behavior

Taught by Glenn Schoen / Boardroom@Crisis BV

From 22th to 24th of November.
12:00 – 14:00 CET on the three days

Module Sessions

22–24 November 2021
Education Partner

Boardroom@Crisis BV

Boardroom@Crisis BV specializes in teaching practical crisis management skills for companies, governments and international institutions to help their management get unfamiliar risks that surpass standard emergencies under control. Using top-rated content and techniques used for training professionals worldwide, up to and including the United Nations, we offer engaging insight and advice that is easy to apply and put into practice. CEO Glenn Schoen has over 35 years’ experience helping prevent and manage crises for well over 100 clients including in the context of exhibitions, conferences, summit meetings, royalty events, annual meetings, grand openings, and major sporting events such as the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, the Euro and World Cup Football tournaments and the Volvo Ocean Race. He is a frequent presenter for the exhibitions and congress sector as well as the media, including appearances on CNN for over 25 years.





Facility Operations Summit

For many of us, it will be the first time that we come together again as an industry, providing the perfect opportunity to re-connect and share knowledge.

Therefore, we took a slightly different approach when designing the programme. This one-day summit will take the voice of the customer as a starting point, with organizers telling us how the pandemic has changed their requirements when designing an event.

This will be followed by five “impact-lectures”, touching upon the following topics:

•Facility design: how do new or changed customer requirements change the design of the facility and how the facility is used?

•Technology: technology is likely to be the answer, but do we still know what the question was?

•HR: attracting, growing and retaining talent has never been so challenging. What can be done to attract the next generation of leaders in the event industry?

•Sustainability: being sustainable is no longer an option and an industry wide initiative has been launched to become carbon neutral by 2050. What does this mean for convention centres?

•Business development: is there a need to re-think our business model as a result of the changed market landscape?

This event is a must-do for all centres needing the very latest information and insights into today’s most pressing facility operations issues!

Module Sessions

  • 29 November 2021 at 08:00 - 18:00 UTC
Education Partner

AIPC –The International Association of Convention Centres

Founded in 1958, AIPC is a global network of some 190 leading centres in 61 countries with the active involvement of more than 900 management-level professionals. Its mission is to encourage, support and recognise excellence in convention centre management, based on the diverse experience and expertise of its international membership, and it maintains a full range of educational, research, networking and management standards programmes in order to achieve this. AIPC recognises and actively promotes the essential role of the international meetings industry in supporting economic, academic and professional development in communities where its members are located, as well as enhancing global relations amongst diverse business and cultural interests worldwide.





Virtual Events

As virtual and hybrid events continue to offer new avenues to expand global reach, develop new revenue streams, grow online communities, and provide increased analytics, it is crucial that event professionals have the skills to capitalize on these new opportunities.

The VEI certification training program will enable event professionals to produce and deliver exceptional digital event experiences.

The training is on-demand providing a learning experience tailored to your needs, at your own pace, and with 17 leading global subject matter experts you will benefit from a diverse range of specialist knowledge across all aspects of virtual and hybrid events.

  • Introduction to Virtual Events
  • Attracting Your Audience
  • Increasing Audience Engagement
  • Developing Strategic Content Design
  • Monetizing your Virtual Events
  • Mastering Sales Skills for Virtual Events
  • Choosing the Right Technology for Your Virtual Event
  • Executing Your Virtual Event On The Day
  • Measuring Success Post-Event
  • Building Your Online Event Community
  • An Introduction to Hybrid Events

Module Sessions


16 UCP
Education Partner

Virtual Event Institute

Virtual Events Institute delivers a global training programme for how to plan and execute successful digital events. Over 11 modules and 15 hours, with 17 subject matter experts as the trainers, the program provides solid learning on digital event best practice. Ranging from attracting your audience through to how to follow up for future event success.


English, Mandarin, Portuguese