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“The Role Of Exhibitions In The Marketing Mix”
In order to ensure that exhibitions continue to be recognised and appreciated for their true value in the marketing mix, UFI has worked closely with the University of Cooperative Education, Ravensburg, Germany, to develop a focussed eight-hour curriculum for use by professors in introductory level university courses.

By making this course available, it is UFI’s intention to provide university professors with a free, off-the-shelf tool for their adaptation within their academic programmes. The programme is designed to introduce students in marketing, communications, b2b, PR and business administration classes to the unique role of exhibitions throughout history in the promotion of business relations, products and services.

Composed of a complete education course package, the 16-hours programme is available to all for downloading on this website – AT NO COST. Included in the programme are powerpoint presentations, PDF versions for text reproduction, case studies and even exam questions.

Please feel free to distribute this course to university teachers or other colleagues involved into exhibition-related training or education. The course material can serve as a toolbox and can be customized to the needs of your specific target group. It is also ideal for industry colleagues who would like to get some more information on the history and development of our industry, sales approaches, marketing strategies and many things more.

In case you have any questions please contact education(at)ufi.org.

UFI Online Course – NEW and revised Edition 2010

Download and unwrap the zip-file, then click “start.exe” within server2go.

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UFI Online Course – First Edition 2006

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