Exhibitions are an effective and sustainable way of doing business

Exhibitions have stood the test of time as a sustainable and effective way of doing business, by being:

  • Instruments to market goods and services. This is especially the case for small and medium enterprises
  • Great investments, attracting market influencers who spend more, talk to more people and recommend more brands
  • Exhibitions are a ‘face-to-face’ medium, adding the unique ‘human element’ and are instrumental to building business contacts
  • They are powerful tools to create customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing memorable experiences

Exhibitions have a substantial impact on the industry they are operating in, for example, exhibition can:

  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and co-operation, leading to creating idea and projects, which can impact market sectors
  • Exhibitions have the power to help new industries to develop
  • They support the development of trade and are an instrument of internationalization

Exhibitions contribute to economic and social developments both locally and globally. At a regional / country level, exhibitions:

  • Support the growth of productivity
  • Create new workplaces, both within the exhibition industry and to tourism related activities
  • Boost economic and infrastructure development
  • Can be a tool for attracting investment for a country

GED19 Material (regularly updated in Feb/March)

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2018 Global Exhibitions Day Awards: Winners announced!

The winners were decided by a panel including senior staff from UFI and Exhibition World, based on entries registered via the GED Online Reporting Tool until 20 June.

Industry Impact Award: recognising the initiative that has the most positive impact supporting exhibitions as an industry.

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