The exhibition industry offers a variety of job opportunities

The exhibition industry is live product – “we create theatre!”

With over 680,000 people employed full-time, and thousands more who are part time, the exhibition industry is thriving with a vast number of career opportunities.

International and domestic organisers, venues, associations, industry partners and suppliers need professionals to fill a multitude or roles, whether sales, marketing, operations, office support, logistics and many more. Working within the industry provides a hugely exciting work environment and there are many benefits to working within this industry, including:

  • The industry promotes face-to-face skill sets, while embracing digital innovations
  • The industry is truly international
  • It is a diverse, dynamic and inclusive industry
  • Those within exhibitions are proud of the economic contributions to other industries, as well as their own
  • The opportunity for real-time learning about other industries, businesses and markets is always available
  • Any career path is possible, whether with a specialised background or more general, and the industry promotes life-long career and promotion prospects.

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The exhibition industry is still not very well known among students and almost never mentioned as a potential career path.

With your “follow me videos”, we can show what it really is that we do in our industry and how multifaceted the career opportunities within the exhibition industry are. At the same time, creating a “follow me video” offers you the opportunity to promote your employees, your company and your company’s working culture.

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2018 Global Exhibitions Day Awards: Winners announced!

The winners were decided by a panel including senior staff from UFI and Exhibition World, based on entries registered via the GED Online Reporting Tool until 20 June.

Industry Impact Award: recognising the initiative that has the most positive impact supporting exhibitions as an industry.

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