Global Visitor Insights

Data driven research reports on visitor feedback from exhibitions across the world.

This study is unprecedented in its scale and scope, with more than 13,000 answers combined with in depth interviews from 29 event directors and senior marketers. Obviously, not all shows, industry sectors and venues are alike. In this report, we have aggregated these 13,000 experiences, insights, and commentaries, based on the nationalities of the show visitor. We believe that those consolidated results indicate important issues, and although many findings are positive for the exhibition medium, some results also highlight several challenging areas.

UFI & Explori – Global Visitor Insights 2018/19 – Full Report (December 2018)

The most significant study of its kind, this report focuses on exhibition industry visitors' expectations, trends and developments. It covers all the pressing industry topics from festivalisation to sustainability.

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UFI & Explori – Global Visitor Insight 2016/17

The initial Global Visitor Insights study still makes for fascinating reading: A report that focuses on visitors of exhibitions around the globe.

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