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Join the the #UFIchat with questions around the exhibition industry. We will use our community to address your issues.

  • Where: Use hashtag #UFIchat and any Twitter chat tool! (TweetChat, for example)
  • When: 24 May 2018 at: 6:00pm Central European time, 12pm Eastern (US) Central time.
  • Topic: Community Building

Community Building – a follow up conversation with #ufiverona closing keynote speaker Francis Friedman, Thursday May 24, 9am Vegas, 12:00pm New York, 5pm London, 6pm Paris.

Looking ahead to future proof events, what can show organizers do now to prepare and remain relevant, competitive, and financially successful in their transition to the digital future? One solution is community building.

Community is defined as a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society. Most trade shows are the annual gathering places of industry communities. Exhibitions and trade fairs can no longer be live directories. To survive and thrive, show organizers will need to be the ones who take online to offline (live) to online engagement all year long, not just a couple of months before a show and one month after.

Join us on #UFIChat Thursday, May 24 at 12pm EST, 18:00 Paris along with Francis Friedman, President of Time & Place Strategies, the closing keynote speaker at the UFI European Conference. Bring your ideas on how we can better build and strengthen the ties with our communities and keep conversations going year-round.


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