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The great response of the first ever Global Exhibitions Day proves that such a day was needed in our industry!

UFI would like to extend the invitation to all industry professionals, everyone eager to promote the value of our industry to join #GED17.

You can make a difference, by getting involved and taking part, whether as an individual, a company or an association.

Anything you can do, will contribute to the greater impact of #GED17, and will help us promote the exhibition industry.

Here are some ideas what you can do to support #GED17

  • Integrate the #GED17 logo in your email signature
  • Film a ‘highlights’ video from behind the scenes of the exhibition industry.
  • Look for any regional events that you can tap into to promote #GED17
  • Add the #GED17 logo to your printed and online materials (brochures, flyers, badges, banners, etc.)
  • Share quotes / interviews from your staff and clients on their highlights of working within the exhibition industry. E.g. what was their best exhibition experience or the most significant moment in their career
  • Plan a team building on 7 June and share your activities

Be inspired and inspire others

Tell us how you are able to get involved and inspire others We make sure to share your efforts with the exhibition industry community.All individual efforts will benefit from being amplified and promoted globally as part of #GED17.

Your support

Join the #GED picture gallery and share your selfie/picture on Twitter @GED_16 (#ged17)!

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The first ever Global Exhibitions Day, held on 8 June 2016, has mobilized thousands of industry professionals around the world.
Global Exhibitions Day has offered insight into the diverse and extraordinary working place that the exhibition industry is. Thousands of industry professionals joined events and activities in 60 countries around the world. Associations, companies, universities and individual professionals alike demonstrated their support.

Besides these national activities, many exhibition organisers, venues, and service providers prepared their own company-wide activities for and around Global Exhibitions Day.

Social media and online communities also helped make Global Exhibitions Day a great success. On June 8 alone, thousands of tweets #GED16 were posted and shared, hundreds of GED selfies published, and dozens of events took place where exhibition professionals raised awareness for our global industry, and celebrated the industry as well.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have been buzzing with #GED16 activity over the past month. The GED Facebook Group received in average 200 new members every day in the run-up to Global Exhibitions Day. Countless photos, videos, GIFs, media releases, articles and discussions were shared and the hashtag #GED16 was used widely. One single video posted in support of GED alone reached an audience of 60,000 viewers in under 24 hours.

Truly global from its very first day! Since the project launch in January 2016, industry leaders from all over the world have pledged their support.

GED16 Actions


List of #GED16 partners:
UFI (Global), AAXO and EXSA (South Africa), AEFI and CFI (Italy), AEO (UK), AFE (Spain), AFECA (Asia), AFIDA (Central & South America), AMPROFEC (Mexico), AOCA (Argentina),  Fairlink (Sweden), AUMA and FAMAB (Germany), CAEM (Canada), CEFA and CENTREX (Central Europe), EEAA (Australasia), EEIA (EU), HKECIA (Hong-Kong), IAEE and SISO (USA), IECA (Indonesia), IEIA (India), IELA (Global), IFES (Global), LECA (Lebanon), MACEOS (Malaysia), MFTA (Macao), PCEI (Poland), RUEF (Russia), TEA (Thailand), UBRAFE (Brazil) and UNIMEV (France).

GED16 Media Release