The 2017 UFI Marketing Award

From show organisers to industry gurus
Success stories from evolving businesses

The 2017 UFI Marketing Award is designed to recognise outstanding success stories from businesses that have built on their role of event organisers to become valued exhibition industry experts. For many, this evolution requires the right strategy, the right talent – and tremendous effort.



When attending a trade show or event, customers nowadays expect to deal not only with an organiser but also with a wellinformed specialist who can provide expert industry advice and a full range of services, from operation to matchmaking. Award entries must describe what the customers’ new needs are and how you differentiate your offering to stand out from your competitors.



Your entry must:
• describe how your company’s role has changed in the past 3 years;
• include clearly defined and measurable objective(s);
• explain where the idea of changing roles comes from;
• highlight the process of taking on new roles, both from a technical and strategic point of view;
• explain what has made your brand successful and why you are proud of it;
• show substantial results.



By 20 May 2017
Please provide to a short summary (maximum 4 pages) in English briefly describing your entry:
• Objective and background of the initiative;
• Challenges of implementing the initiative;
• Actions: scope, time, target group;
• Detailed results of your initiative.

All entries will be evaluated by the UFI Marketing Committee. The jury will select three finalists from the summaries received (no justification will be provided for the selection of the finalists or the winner).
The three finalists will be asked to prepare and present a detailed PowerPoint presentation providing an in-depth description of their entry at the UFI Marketing Committee Meeting in September in Paris, France.

This competition is open to UFI members and non-members (exhibition organisers, operators of exhibition centres, and service providers), on the
condition that entries are exhibition-related.
Entries can relate to a company’s role as an influencer and an opinion leader in general, or to a specific brand event.

Participation in this competition is free-of-charge for UFI members. Nonmembers are requested to pay €100 participation fee.
All information regarding the entries submitted will be treated confidentially and will only be used for award selection purposes.
The winner of the 2017 Marketing Award will then be selected by the members of the UFI Marketing Committee. The finalists will have their entry promoted on and they will gain significant press coverage in major international tradeshow publications, including UFI Info.
In addition, the winner will receive a complimentary registration to join the next UFI Congress (in South Africa from 1 to 4 November 2017).

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