Next Generation Leadership Grant

2024 Theme: AI’s impact on exhibitions

The mission for the 2024 Group of Next Generation Leaders is to assess the strategic and operational potentials that the rise of Artificial Intelligence has for the exhibitions and business events industry. 

Be part of the change in our industry. Our exhibition industry is always changing: The marketplaces we build and operate are accelerators for all the industries we work in, for and with – and our marketplaces evolve and change in line with the industries we serve.

Exhibitions and business events drive business growth, create & foster connections, and drive innovation. Our industry facilitates these ecosystems and developments.

Industries are fueled by their communities of professionals – the people within each sector. As accelerators and connectors, it is our job to gather industries together and listen and feel the pulse of the trends and changes in a sector. We can also apply what we learn and observe there in the exhibitions and events sector.

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Who can apply?

We encourage people from all backgrounds and roles within the exhibition industry to apply.

To be eligible to take part you must:

  • Have worked for less than 10 years in the exhibition industry
  • Agree to participate in the programme while balancing your “day job” responsibilities

How to Apply?

Prepare the below:

  • A signed form of support from your company. Available here.
  • A 1-page application that will serve as your CV.
  • 2-minute video describing who you are, how you want to fulfil this year’s mission and your personal and professional motivation.

Afterwards, you must fill out the following form with your information and upload the files listed above, by 7 April 2024

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