Surveys and Studies

UFI members gain access to vital exhibition industry information through complimentary publications and have access to UFI’s studies and research.

The shared research and expertise offer an analysis of the development of tradeshows across different business sectors around the world. Timely, relevant and accurate information makes it easier for businesses to grow and prosper.

1/2 – UFI Research


Women in the Exhibition Industry (November 2018)

– equal status or lagging behind? Survey results

Women in the Exhibition Industry


Euro Fairs Statistics 2017 (September 2018)

The 2017 edition contains the certified statistics of 2 709 exhibitions from 24 countries.

Euro Fairs Statistics 2017


The Trade Fair Industry in Asia – 14th Edition (2018) – Leaflet

The 2018’s UFI Report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group. First comprehensive study of Asia’s trade fair industry.



Trade Fair Industry in Asia – 14th Edition (2018) – Order Form

Order Form


The Global Exhibition Barometer (July 2018)

The report presents the results of the 21st “Global Exhibition Barometer” survey:
Global Exhibition Barometer

The UFI Report on Best Practices in Digital Innovation (February 2018)

Best Practices in Digital Innovation Report


UFI World Map Of Exhibition Venues (2017 Edition, Revised June 2018)

Download the report


UFI & Explori Global Exhibitor Insights (November 2017)

Download the report


UFI & Explori Global Visitors Insights (November 2016)

Download the Report


Survey regarding the Apple changes to its App guideline (September 2017)

Result of the survey Survey initiated and compiled by the UFI Digital Innovation Committee

App strategy survey


Euro Fairs Statistics 2016 (September 2017 – Revised July 2018)

The 2016 edition contains the certified statistics of 2 590 exhibitions from 25 countries.

Euro Fairs Statistics 2016


UFI & Explori Global Visitor Insights (November 2016)

The purpose of this report is to provide organisers with insight into the perceptions of tradeshow visitors across all major exhibition markets. Insight of this kind is essential to help organisers properly understand their visitors – their behaviours, their level of loyalty and advocacy, their needs – and, the extent to which these needs are being met by the industry.

UFI Explori Research Summary

Best practices in Sustainability (October 2016)

Which showcases the 41 winning and shortlisted entries for the sustainability annual award scheme UFI has run between 2012 and 2016.

Best practices in Sustainability


The Global Exhibition Industry Statistics (2014)

Results of the UFI Research program, designed to provide reliable data on the global exhibition market, at both venue and organizer levels.



UFI Education Survey

”Core competencies in a competitive environment”

Education Survey


The Exhibition Industry in the Middle East & Africa 2011-2012 (2013)

A UFI Report researched and compiled by the UFI Middle East & Africa Regional office.

Executive Summary Order Form

The World Map of Exhibitions Venues 2011 (2012)

2011 World Map of Exhibitions


UFI Survey on Matchmaking (2012)

Survey on Matchmaking


UFI Insights on Logistics

UFI has consolidated the results of three of its recent focus meetings and combined this with the presentations of entrants in UFI award competitions to create a series of UFI Insight documents. The aim of these reports is to provide UFI members with “insight” into challenges currently facing the exhibition industry in the areas of Travel and Accommodation, Logistics during Build-Up and Dismantling and Sustainable Development. These UFI Insights aim to provide readers with relevant information on different facets of the exhibition industry. The reports do not reflect an official UFI position, nor should they be read as reflecting UFI guidelines. They are intended to provide the reader with information on some of the practices current in the exhibition industry today.

Insight on Logistics


UFI Insights on Travel & Accomodation

Travel & Accomodation



2/2 – UFI Members Research


Central Eastern European Exhibition Statistics 2015 (CENTREX)

Audited statistics of exhibitions organized in 2015 by the Members of CENTREX (Central Eastern Europe)and PCEI (Poland).

Centrex Stats 2015


Centrex Stats 2014


RUEF Statistical Survey “Audited Trade Shows 2015”

RUEF Statistical Survey “Audited Trade Shows 2015” comprises data on 145 exhibitions and fairs.

Statistical Survey 2015


Statistical Survey 2013


RUEF Exhibition Centres

“RUEF Exhibition Centres” contains information on 29 exhibition and convention venues – members of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs from 22 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, with total hall space of over 600,000 sq. m. This publication provides information which may be useful and interesting to anybody involved in exhibition and congress activity: data on the state of venues, their infrastructure and equipment, information on activities and services provided, and also photographs. What makes “RUEF Exhibition Centres” unique is that it is the only publication containing systemized information of this kind. You can as well find socio-economic and travel characteristics of regions where venues are situated and statistical figures of exhibition activity in each city.
Exhibition Centres


The GES Trend Trackers 2014

Welcome to the third-annual Trend Tracker, produced by Global Experience Specialists (GES), once again providing you with a rapid-release checklist of trends.

Trend Tracker



CEIR Examines Effect of Today’s Economy on Exhibitions

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently released RCSR 21.09 The Effect of Economic Recessions on Exhibitions, which includes research that offers insight into participation at exhibitions in the United States during challenging economic times.Last year, the US National Bureau of Economic Research published news that the United States is in a state of economic recession which may have commenced as early as December of 2007. With the US unemployment rate at its highest in 16 years and economists unable to predict when the country will see positive growth again, exhibiting companies must be able to justify exhibition participation and be assured of a strong ROI from exhibiting – more so than ever before.In the 1980s, CEIR published two reports titled How Should Exhibitors React to a Recession? and The Effect of Economic Recessions on Trade Shows. These two reports have been revisited and supplemented to include data from each year for 1968 to 2007. These new reports indicate that even though attendance and exhibit space may decrease in recessionary periods, key buyers continue to attend each year and the percentage of attendees that actually have plans to purchase remains high.The Effect of Economic Recessions on Exhibitions is available for free to CEIR members and for purchase by CEIR non-members at $48 USD. For more information please go to