Membership Procedure

Being a member of UFI is a clear indication of competence and professionalism in the exhibition industry.

UFI Membership Admission

It is important for UFI members to get the most out of their membership, which is why we offer five separate membership categories:

  • Exhibition Organiser
  • Exhibition Venue
  • Exhibition Organiser and Venue
  • Partner of the Exhibition Industry
  • Association

All requests for UFI membership admission are initially examined by the Membership Committee (comprised of at least 2 members of the UFI Board of Directors and the UFI Managing Director) and then recommended to the Executive Committee for acceptance. All exhibition organisers must submit at least one of their exhibitions as a “UFI Approved Event” or “UFI Approved International Event” in order to become a member.

Membership Form

What are UFI Approved Events & UFI Approved International Events?

Both UFI approvals are recognised as a high quality label awarded to a UFI member for a specific exhibition after a detailed quality assessment. A recent survey of UFI’s membership showed that the UFI Approved status signifies quality and global recognition while also playing a role in attracting both exhibitors and visitors.

UFI Approved Events & UFI Approved International Events Checklist UFI’s Auditing Rules


The definitions and standards corresponding to the criteria for UFI Event Approval are outlined in annex 2 of UFI’s Auditing Rules.

For a complete list of the UFI member auditors, as well as others auditors certified to conduct audits please view:

UFI Auditing Bodies