Become a Member of UFI

With 878 members in 89 countries, UFI represents all sectors of the exhibition industry. UFI membership is continuing to grow, and more and more exhibitions are applying for UFI Approved Event and UFI Approved International Event status. UFI members around the world are immediately identifiable through their use of the UFI logo, evidence of the worldwide recognition of their dedication to offering high quality standards.

Being a UFI member has many advantages:

  • All members are entitled to use the globally recognised UFI Member logo.However, the UFI Approved Event and UFI Approved International Event logos are reserved for those events that are approved following an official quality assessment.
  • UFI membership includes listing on both the UFI website and in the UFI Who’s Who – the directory of all UFI members worldwide, providing members with an ideal opportunity to promote their organisations and to reach out to potential business partners.
  • UFI members benefit from numerous networking opportunities at UFI events. Whether it be the sharing of ideas and best practices or doing business together, UFI members can interact with the key contacts in the exhibition industry and expand their network.
  • UFI is the cohesive voice of the exhibition industry and as such maintains dialogue with intergovernmental and international organisations, and promotes the industry to key stakeholders.
  • UFI provides its members with various education programmes and a range of events that focus on the most relevant topics for today’s exhibition industry.
  • UFI members gain access to vital industry information through complimentary publications and have access to UFI’s studies and research programmes.
  • UFI members have access to speaker presentations (go to members area) and session videos of past UFI events.

For more information on UFI Member Benefits, please click on the below links:

Download the UFI Member List

UFI Member Benefits

Membership Procedure

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