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UFI releases second Industry Partners Benchmark Survey

–   Overall satisfaction rate with the most relevant service provider is very positive

–   The demand for digital services is highest amongst those who organise events

–   Key areas that are perceived to have the biggest impact on future event development are marketing and communications, and event technology and software

Paris – 02 December 2021: The demand for digital services is highest amongst those who organise events. This is a core finding from the second edition of the Industry Partners Benchmark Survey, released by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Developed by the UFI Industry Partners Working Group, the survey benchmarks and assesses the relationships between industry partners/suppliers and exhibition organisers/venues. It also identifies areas for improvement with regard to collaboration. Around 190 companies contributed to the project, the majority of whom are from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

“The results of our first survey showed in tangible terms the value organisers place on their suppliers and partners for the success of their events. Our second survey goes deeper and also demonstrates where the suppliers and partners relationship stands vis-à-vis the organisers for their recovery period events,” says Ravinder Sethi, Chair of UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group.

The survey demonstrates that the demand for services that can be considered as mandatory services for running an event have experienced a steady decline in demand. The results show that booth construction remains the most relied upon service, alongside staff and security. And the survey clearly indicates that the demand for more innovation from service providers remains high, and marketing and communications service providers are perceived to be the most innovative

Sebastian Witt, Vice Chair of UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group and responsible for the survey, said: “This survey offers valuable insights for service providers in our industry. We are happy to note that service providers are regarded an integral part of the exhibition ecosystem and contribute tremendously to the success of our industry. Nonetheless, we observe that service quality is not consistent and demands from service providers are changing; service providers can and should invest more into innovation.”

Despite the overall positive feedback, the survey highlights that increasing the sharing of information between service providers and industry partners could be beneficial, although this trend has declined in significance over the last year.

“This survey, in its second year, is an important and continuous task of UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group, which has been set up for and run by our industry partner members – a group of motivated industry experts offering a diverse range of services. The collaboration between exhibition organisers, venue operators and industry partners is more important than ever to sustain successful exhibitions, as the exhibition industry and the global economy are being seriously impacted by COVID-19,” says UFI President Monica Lee-Müller

This second Industry Partners Benchmark Survey was conducted at the beginning of 2021. The Industry Partners Working Group is dedicated to running the survey on a regular basis, in order to reflect the ongoing challenges and impact on the exhibition industry. The Industry Partners Benchmark Survey can be downloaded from the UFI website at


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UFI announces themes for 2022 UFI Awards

– UFI’s award scheme focuses on sharing best practices and highlighting innovative solutions developed and applied throughout the pandemic

– Deadline for all award submissions is March 21, 2022

Paris – 23 November 2021: UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has launched the 2022 UFI Awards, designed to acknowledge and honour best practices and outstanding activities across the industry. This prestigious award programme, globally recognised for more than a decade, is open to exhibition organisers, venue operators and service providers.

Participants are encouraged to enter their best practice cases across five categories:

  •   Marketing
  •   Industry Partner
  •   Digital Innovation
  •   Operations & Services
  •   Sustainable Development

Since the exhibition industry took a hit like never before when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, 2021 has seen an accelerating comeback for the exhibition industry in more and more regions across the globe. Throughout this, the industry is showing its adaptability to accommodate changing conditions on the road toward a post pandemic ‘new normal’.

“Through the UFI awards, we can provide our members and the industry with a double win every year: The winners receive global recognition from what has become the most reputable global exhibition awards scheme. And the industry benefits from many best industry practices being shared”, says Kai Hattendorf, UFI’s Managing Director and CEO.

The entry deadline for all categories is 21 March 2022. Winners in each category will receive their awards during an official ceremony at the UFI Global Congress 2022, in Muscat, Oman, scheduled for 14-17 November 2022. They will also have the opportunity to present their projects at the event.

Winning entries will be displayed on the UFI website; and will gain significant coverage in major international tradeshow publications.

Entries should reflect the theme of each category, decided upon by UFI Working Groups – industry experts who manage and lead the UFI Awards.

The awards and themes for 2022 are:

Marketing Award: The best marketing strategy in a changing exhibition world
Industry Partner Award: Success stories: Alliances shaping the future of
the exhibition industry
Digital Innovation Award: How does your Digital Innovation support
physical events?
Operations & Services Award: How to get back in operations with our
services & providers in uncertain times
Sustainable Development Award: Best carbon emissions reduction

The UFI Awards are open to both UFI members and non-members. There is no participation fee.

The 2021 Award winners as well as more information about the UFI Awards can found at


Image of the 2022 UFI Awards

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