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AsiaWorld-Expo signs multi-year Diamond Sponsorship Agreement with UFI

Paris / Amsterdam – 20 February 2024: UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and AsiaWorld-Expo have signed a multi-year Diamond Sponsorship Agreement, underlining AsiaWorld-Expo’s commitment to the ongoing development of the exhibition industry.

The official signing took place during the 2024 Global CEO Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Diamond Sponsorship is the highest tier of UFI sponsorship available, and all Diamond Sponsors directly contribute to expanding the depth and scope of UFI activities, enabling the association to better serve the exhibition industry. AsiaWorld-Expo will gain year-round promotion and visibility across all UFI events and activities as part of the Diamond Sponsorship Agreement.

“UFI provides an unparalleled platform for visionary leaders and passionate individuals in the exhibition industry to connect and collaborate. Our partnership with UFI represents a pivotal move to reinforcing Hong Kong’s role as an essential hub for international exhibitions, as well as AsiaWorld-Expo’s strategic location which enables more exhibitors and organisers from around the globe to access and capitalise on the vast potential and promising growth of the China Greater Bay Area”, says Irene Chan, CEO of AsiaWorld-Expo.

“We are thrilled to have this support from AWE for the coming years. It will allow us to invest more in some UFI projects and activities that benefit our industry around the world as we are closing into UFI’s 100-year-anniversary in 2025”, says UFI President Geoff Dickinson.

UFI Diamond Sponsorship

The UFI Diamond Sponsorship programme offers selected partners of the exhibition industry a unique opportunity to support UFI in its global mission while mutually benefitting from the networking opportunities the globally leading association of the exhibition industry has to offer.

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UFI releases third Industry Partners Benchmark Survey

  • Overall demand for services remains high as service providers remain an integral part of the exhibition value chain
  • Overall satisfaction with key partners remain positive though slightly decreasing
  • Innovation is critical in driving higher satisfaction and value of industry partners

Paris – 15 February 2024: Demand is high for innovation from industry partners to meet the evolving expectations of organisers and venues. This is a core finding from the third edition of the Industry Partners Benchmark Survey, released by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Developed by the UFI Industry Partners Working Group, the survey benchmarks and assesses the relationships between industry partners/suppliers and exhibition organisers/venues. It also identifies areas for improvement with regard to collaboration. Around 190 companies contributed to the project, the majority of whom are from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The survey demonstrates that the demand for services remain high and have increased slightly from previous years. Booth construction remains the most relied upon service, alongside staff and security. Communication and marketing are still regarded as the most important elements for event success. There is a decrease in demand for digital services as focus is back on live events. Satisfaction with regards to innovation from service providers has seen a decrease since the last survey.

“This third survey provides a critical snapshot of expectations of industry partners as exhibitions return in full force globally. While overall satisfaction remains high, the feedback shows that we need to continuously innovate and communicate to ensure relevance and to add value to our customers,” says Sebastian Witt, Chair of UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group who led the survey.

UFI President, Geoff Dickinson, comments: “This survey, in its third edition, is a crucial output from UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group, which has been set up for and run by our members – a group of motivated exhibition professionals offering a diverse range of expertise. It highlights the importance of collaboration among exhibition organisers, venue operators and industry partners as part of the larger exhibition ecosystem to deliver innovation and drive success of our industry.”

This third Industry Partners Benchmark Survey was conducted in mid 2023. The Industry Partners Working Group is dedicated to running the survey on a regular basis, in order to reflect the ongoing challenges and impact on the exhibition industry. The Third Industry Partners Benchmark Survey can be downloaded from the UFI website at


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