Annual analysis of market developments for Asia/Pacific by country.

With over 120-pages of data, analysis and commentary, this report is designed to help
you understand the latest developments in Asia’s trade fair markets.
Report features include:

  • Updated trade fair statistics across 17 markets
  • Analysis of venue capacity available across the region
  • A detailed review of Asian trade fair industry growth
  • Analysis of key industry trends affecting the region
  • A review of the region on a country-by-country basis
  • A full list of all “UFI Approved Events” in the Asia Pacific region.

The Trade Fair Industry in Asia – 18th Edition (2023) – Leaflet

This annual report covers 17 Asian trade fair markets and provides complete data on the development of trade fairs and supporting facilities in Asia, with additional figures and commentary on likely trends for the following year.

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Trade Fair Industry in Asia – 18th Edition (2023) – Order Form

As an added-value service, each UFI member is entitled to purchase the full report at a substantial discount by filling in this order form.

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