Intellectual Property Rights

IPR Recommendations

As the world’s leading platform of the exhibition industry, UFI is very aware of the different intellectual property rights issues and is committed to taking measures to help battle against IPR infringements.

The exhibition industry has been active at every level: from exhibition organizers helping their exhibitors to national exhibition associations supporting their members.

In our continuing effort to develop guidance for use by our members in the ongoing defence of their business interests, UFI has developed the attached “UFI Recommendations for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at Exhibitions.” While acknowledging that differences exist from COUNTRIES to COUNTRIES, UFI has developed the attached document to provide guidance on possible measures to be taken for effective IPR protection and enforcement during your trade fairs.

In accordance with UFI’s statutes, each UFI member signs the “UFI Code of Ethics”, agreeing “to respect the intellectual property of others and to protect the confidentiality of privileged information provided to us during business activities”.

We hope that these recommendations will provide you with concrete ideas for developing effective IPR protection and enforcement during your events and at your venues.

UFI IPR Recommendations