UFI Health and Safety Position Paper

Promoting Health & Safety in the Global Exhibitions Industry

An UFI Position

  • UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry recognises that all participants in exhibitions organised around the world should be able to enjoy a healthy and safe environment at those events. This includes those working in the industry, the staff and contractors of exhibiting companies and those attending exhibitions as visitors.
  • UFI also recognises that it is the joint responsibility of all those involved in organising events to provide a healthy and safe environment. This includes exhibition organisers, venue managers, and the various contractors employed to provide support services to exhibitions.
  • UFI recognises that there are challenges in many countries in ensuring that appropriate standards of health and safety are achieved at events.
    National regulations vary significantly around the world and all those involved in organising events should ensure that they are aware of these regulations in the countries in which they operate and that these regulations are followed. The regulations of each venue must also be respected by all those involved in producing exhibitions.
  • UFI recognises the good work which has already been undertaken by the exhibition organisers who have supported the drafting, updating and promotion of the g-Guide, Guide to Global Standards of Health and Safety at Exhibitions and Conferences (see www.theg-guide.org).
  • UFI believes that the g-Guide represents an extremely useful set of guidelines on the healthy and safe operation of exhibitions which can be used in the education of those involved in organising events and managing exhibition venues. UFI actively encourages its members to make use of this resource to help support the development of appropriate standards of operations at their events and venues. It does not, however, supersede national laws and regulations in any way and these should continue to take precedence. Professional advice should be sought where appropriate.
  • UFI would like to support the future development of the g-Guide and related educational programmes as its content evolves and further translations are made available.