Global Exhibitions Day

Global Exhibition Day - UFI

Global Exhibition Day – UFI

Mark your calendars for the next Global Exhibitions Day on Wednesday 5 June 2024!


Set up in 2016, Global Exhibitions Day (GED) is held annually on the first Wednesday of June to drive visibility of the exhibition industry locally, regionally and on a global scale. In recent years, it saw activations and activities from industry players in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

We will be celebrating the 9th Global Exhibitions Day on Wednesday 5 June 2024 with the theme “Exhibitions are catalysts to sustainable futures”.

Four key messages underpin this year’s theme, including:

  1. Exhibitions drive progress: Exhibitions are platforms to discuss, create and showcase solutions to our universal challenges.
  2. Exhibitions facilitate economic growth: Exhibitions are engines of economic growth, connecting industries and driving job creation.
  3. Exhibitions are sustainable: Exhibitions are a sustainable way to drive business and development, gathering communities in one place and managing our environmental impact.
  4. Exhibitions connect people: Exhibitions are community builders, bringing people together face-to-face to connect, collaborate and contribute.

Global Exhibition Day - UFI President

How you can get involved

Resources and tools to help you celebrate GED 2024 can be found on the official event website, Some ideas on how to get involved include:

  • Organise your own GED 2024 initiative and add them to the GED website.
  • Ask your government officials for endorsement and recognition of the exhibition industry.
  • Share your Global Exhibitions Day activities through social media with the hashtag #GED2024.
  • Download the toolkit on the GED website and customise your own visuals using the GED logo or ‘Voices of the Industry’ card.
  • Download and share the ‘Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions’ infographic from the GED website to highlight the relevance of our industry globally and regionally.
  • Share GED 2024 theme and core messages with local media to increase awareness.


We invite all associations, businesses and professionals in the sector to celebrate #GED2024 with us!

Visit the GED website or read the post GED 2023 media release for a snapshot of events, activities, and celebrations around the world.

Any question? Contact us:

Visit GED Website

GED Online Reporting Tool

The tool is dedicated to collect and share activities related to the Global Exhibitions Day campaign. We invite you to:

  • Share and update your initiatives and support;
  • Support industry professionals and media to learn about your efforts.

Please note that the tool registers ENGLISH language ONLY. If you wish to share media releases or other material in your native language, we advise you to use the upload function within the reporting tool.

UFI will be reviewing and editing (where necessary) all entries to ensure only GED related activities are shared and all information provided is relevant.

Thank you for joining #GED2024!