Special Industry Topics

A wide ranging selection of bespoke reports into specific industry topics.

The Special Industry Topics section contains a number of detailed reports into important industry topics that do not fit easily into any of our other categories. For this reason the reports are naturally wide-ranging in coverage but very detailed in scope.

G3 Partners AIPC, ICCA and UFI release 3rd, updated and expanded edition of “Good Practice Guide: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events”

Driven by their Joint Safety & Security Task Force, the three associations have been engaged in assisting their members, and the industry at large, since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, and the third edition of this key resource is just the latest example of this continuous support.

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Good Practice Guide: Convention and Exhibition Centres as Temporary Vaccination Centres

This G3 guidance from UFI, AIPC, and ICCA shares standards and best practices for convention and exhibition centres that are setting up and operating vaccination centres in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Industry Partners Benchmark Survey

Developed by the UFI Industry Partners Working Group, the survey benchmarks and assesses the relationships between industry partners/suppliers and exhibition organisers/venues. It also identifies areas for improvement with regard to collaboration. More than 200 companies contributed to the project, the majority of whom are from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Waste Management in the Exhibition Industry (September 2020)

This report addresses the issue of waste in the Exhibitions Industry. It derives from several UFI actions, including the set-up of dedicated regional task forces around the world and the selection of best practices. Compiled by Greenview, Member of the UFI Sustainable Development Working Group, the report also includes a detailed insight into the European Union legislation aspects related to Waste Management, prepared by the European Exhibition Industry Alliance.

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Guía de Buenas Prácticas: Abordando el COVID-19 Requerimientos para la Reapertura de Eventos de Negocios

Sobre la base del "Marco global de recomendaciones a nivel global para la reapertura de ferias y eventos B2B tras la emergencia del COVID-19" publicado el 5 de mayo de 2020, esta guía conjunta AIPC - ICCA - UFI tiene como objetivo ser otro recurso para la industria de ferias con las mejores prácticas de los miembros que la componen. Esta guía también incluye buenas prácticas seleccionadas de otras industrias y organizaciones.

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Good Practice Guide: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events

Building on the UFI’s “Global framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events post the emergence from COVID-19” released on 5 May 2020, this joint AIPC – ICCA – UFI guidance aims to be another resource for the exhibition industry, combining as much emerging good practice among membership as possible. This guidance includes select good practice from other industries and organizations as well.

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Convention & Exhibition Centres as Temporary Emergency Facilities

This AIPC and UFI guidance aims to help convention and exhibition centres prepare for and perform in an exceptional role they were not designed for but are increasingly being asked or forced to perform: as temporary emergency facilities. The immediate worldwide concern and context for this guidance is the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Convention and Exhibition Centre Health & Safety: Managing COVID-19 Challenges

A resource for venues addressing the challenges related to COVID-19. The guide focusses on updated health & safety policies, plans, and procedures. It includes both strategic and practical guidance in form of advice, suggestions, and best practice examples

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Matchmaking at the heart of the exhibition industry

This report highlights the vital role matchmaking plays in making those all-important human connections. The result of twelve months of in-depth discussion and research, this report includes the findings of the UFI Matchmaking Survey 2019 and the views of industry voices. It covers both industry challenges and the various approaches used.

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Women in the Exhibition Industry (November 2018)

This research provides insights into the perception of women's skills in the workplace, their potential for advancement within the industry and the different female career drivers.

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Survey regarding the Apple changes to its App guideline (September 2017)

A report was generated based on the results of this survey initiated and complied by the UFI Digital Innovation Committee.

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UFI Education Survey

Core competencies in a competitive environment - A survey compiled of the answers from 75 people in 32 countries on core competencies in the exhibition industry.

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