UFI Connects – Revisited

UFI Connects revisited – A New Talent Narrative – Next Generation Leaders

9 August 2023

In this session, we heard from the 2022 Next Generation Leadership Grant winners about the new talent narrative they’ve devised for our industry.

With: Monika Baro, Project Manager, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Daniella Galante, Event Marketing Professional (Canada)
Joseph Kowalsky, Show Director, Emerald X LLC and Event Director, Closer Still Media, US (United States)
Maria Victoria Piñeres, Operations Manager, Costa Rica Convention Center/Grupo Heroica Volio & Trejos S.A (Costa Rica)
Justine Rabel, International Key Account Manager, Eventmaker (France)
Jon Yahirun, Event Director, Closer Still Media (United States)

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UFI Connects – Revisited

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