The 2020 UFI Sustainable Development Award

The 2020 UFI Sustainable Development Award is designed to recognise companies that have implemented a successful Waste Management approach for exhibitions.
It is open to all companies from the exhibition industry (organisers, venues, service providers, associations), whether they are UFI members or not, and is free of charge.

Waste is a serious issue in today’s world, and it deserves to be a component of any sustainable development strategy of companies who operate in the exhibition industry. Successfully managing waste implies measuring it, before and after minimizing, recycling, and repurposing as a move to a closer circular economy.

All entries for the Sustainable Development Award must describe an initiative related to the company’s approach to waste management.

We will assess the success of entries by looking at the quality of the initiative, based on its general background (assessment of the situation, including threats and opportunities), the actions taken (such as “reduce, reuse, recycle”) and the results (economic, social and environmental impacts). Good results are generally demonstrated with an innovative strategy that has been implemented efficiently. In particular, we will be looking for evidence of changed behaviour in the audience and measurable outcomes.Collaborative entries, involving groups of companies, are allowed.

By 6 March 2020
Please provide a summary (maximum 5 pages) in English of your activity to:

Your entry should include the following information:
• Company(ies) name and title (theme) of the entry;
• Quick background, scope of the entry and general objectives of the project/action described;
• Detailed review: description, implementation plan and results;
• Conclusion: lessons, next steps (if any).

Note: While some confidential data may be accepted as part of the award application process, only those applications including a sufficient level of data for public communication will be considered.

• Enhanced brand exposure through UFI’s global reach
• Recognition across the global exhibition industry for providing innovative solutions
• Exposure to significant international press coverage
• Complimentary registration to join and present the winning entry at the UFI Global Congress 2020.

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