The 2021 UFI Industry Partners Award

Alliances & Success Stories: The Future of the Exhibition Industry During & Post Pandemic

As partners to the industry, we share a common goal: to work closely with organisers, venues and other stakeholders to support, sustain and create successful exhibitions. The UFI Industry Partners Award recognises this symbiosis and aims to facilitate best-practice sharing.


The UFI Industry Partners Award recognises initiatives by industry partners that demonstrate innovative solutions, business concepts and developments to drive the success of the exhibition world during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The jury has identified FEXPOCRUZ as winner of the 2021 UFI Industry Partners Award.  


Ravinder Sethi, Chair of the UFI Industry Partner Working Group shares:  “Despite the challenges that our industry is currently facing, we had extremely strong finalists for our Industry Partner Award -Alliances and success stories: the future of the exhibition industry during and post the pandemic . On behalf of our esteemed jury, I want to congratulate FEXPOCRUZ (Bolivia) for winning this prestigious award . We are very impressed by the successful modernization of the FEXPOCRUZ Venue through their strategic alliance with FANCESA. A partnership that transformed an entire city.”

Award Winner

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