The 2022 UFI Sustainable Development Award

The events industry has a special role to play in tackling climate change. Events provide the meeting places and marketplaces to work on solutions to the climate crisis. However, events also generate a significant carbon footprint, and the industry has a responsibility to minimise this impact and contribute to global endeavours to reduce carbon emissions.

In the context of the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative launched in 2021 to drive the events sector towards net zero, the 2022 UFI Sustainable Development Award is designed to recognise organizations that have already implemented a successful GHG Emissions reduction program for their operations related to events.

The application is open to all companies from the exhibition industry (organisers, venues, service providers, associations), whether they are UFI members or not. Collaborative entries, involving groups of organizations, including some from outside the exhibition industry are welcome.



The carbon emissions generated by an event come from a variety of different sources, from the venue and event production to food and beverage, to participants’ travel and accommodation.

Entries for the 2022 Sustainable Development Award must relate to a successful initiative which has resulted in a significant and measurable reduction of GHG emissions related to an event

We’re interested in projects that have looked at any individual source of carbon emissions within the scope of running events, or ones that addressed multiple causes of carbon emissions. Projects which collaborated across the value chain and worked with harder to control emissions are particularly of interest.

We will assess the success of entries by looking at the emissions reduction impact, level of innovation and the extent to which the initiative is scalable and replicable across the industry. The initiative may relate to a whole event or a particular element of an event.



By 21 March 2022, please send a short summary of maximum 4 pages in English to briefly describing your entry, including the following information:

– Company(ies) name and title (theme) of the entry. Contact person(s) details.

– Quick background, nature and general objectives of the program.

– Detailed description, including scope of the emissions reduction plan, stakeholders involved, actions taken and results achieved.

– Conclusion: lessons learnt, next steps (if any).

Note: While some confidential data may be accepted as part of the award application process, only those applications including a sufficient level of data for public communication will be considered.

The jury selects the winner of the award by following a two-step process:

1. The jury assesses all entries and creates a shortlist of finalists (the number of finalists is decided by the jury).

All finalists are then asked to prepare a detailed, in-depth presentation providing a description of their entry. They may also be asked to provide additional documents (to be submitted to the jury in May / June 2022 – date to be confirmed).

2. The jury will, if necessary, organise a question-and-answer session, most likely via online conference, prior to the selection of the winner (in June / July 2022 – date to be confirmed).

The finalists’ entries will be promoted on and there will be significant press coverage in major international tradeshow publications, including UFI Info. In addition, the winner will receive complimentary registration to join and present at the UFI Global Congress 2022.

Entries that fail to reach the final but that are still considered as best practice examples by the jury will also be promoted unless these companies do not want to be mentioned at all.

Applications to the UFI Sustainable Award is free of charge.

Please contact Christian Druart, Secretary of the UFI Sustainable Development Working Group, for any questions and advice (


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