Company Details


Izmir Fair Services, Culture & Art Affairs Trade Inc.

Founded in: 1990
UFI Member since: 1947

Business Category

  • Exhibition Organiser & Centre Operator


Zafer mah. 840 sokak no:2
Gaziemir - Izmir





IF Wedding Fashion Izmir

Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair

Organising Company


Organiser Location

Izmir, Turkey

Business Sector

Leisure, Hobby, Entertainment, Textiles, Apparel, Fashion


Once a year

Event Open To



Session 202020212022
Event Location Izmir, International Fair ComplexIzmir, International Fair ComplexIzmir, International Fair Complex
Date of start 21/01/202016/11/202122/11/2022
Date of end 24/01/202019/11/202125/11/2022

International Izmir Fair Center


Izmir, Turkey

Total Surface Area

330,000 m2

Gross Rentable

141,250 m2

Exhibition Space

141,250 m2

Among which
Covered: 78,750 m2
Open Air: 62,500 m2

Distance From

City Centre 8 km
Airport 7 km
Railway Station 2 km
Highway 0 km


Parking 5,000
Restaurants 5
  • Post Office: No
  • Bank Agency: No
  • Bank Exchange Facility: No
  • Travel Agency: Yes
  • Shopping Gallery: No
  • Technical Service Centre: Yes
  • Customs Facilities: Yes
  • Forwarding Agency: Yes
  • Tourist Information: Yes
  • Hotel Reservation Booking Office: Yes

Who's Who

Mrs. Canan Karaosmanoğlu Alici

Mrs. Canan Karaosmanoğlu Alici

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Onur Fatih Gokcedag

Mr. Onur Fatih Gokcedag

Deputy General Manager
Mr. Gokalp Soygul

Mr. Gokalp Soygul

Exhibitions Director
Mr. Mert Ornek

Mr. Mert Ornek

Managing Director – Technical / Operations & Venue
Mrs. Tuğçe Hanoglu Cumalıoğlu

Mrs. Tuğçe Hanoglu Cumalıoğlu

International Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Tuğba Toksoz Kılınçat

Mrs. Tuğba Toksoz Kılınçat

Corporate Relations Coordinator