Company Details

Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka JSC

Founded in: 1990
UFI Member since: 2004

Business Category

  • Exhibition Organiser & Centre Operator


13 Sovnarkomovskaya St.
Nizhny Novgorod
Russian Federation





International Scientific and Industrial Forum "Great Rivers"/ICEF

Organising Company

Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka JSC

Organiser Location

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

Business Sector

Energy, Oil, Gas, Environmental Protection, Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing, Machines, Instruments, Hardware


Once a year

Event Open To

Public & Professionals


Session 201820192020
Event Location Nizhny Novgorod, Exhibition Complex ''Nizhegorodskaya Fair''Nizhny Novgorod, Exhibition Complex ''Nizhegorodskaya Fair''Nizhny Novgorod, Exhibition Complex ''Nizhegorodskaya Fair''
Date of start 15/05/201814/05/201919/05/2020
Date of end 18/05/201817/05/201922/05/2020


Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation

Total Surface Area

0 m2

Gross Rentable

35,000 m2

Exhibition Space

35,000 m2

Among which
Covered: 12,000 m2
Open Air: 23,000 m2

Distance From

City Centre 3 km
Airport 16 km
Railway Station 2 km
Highway 0 km


Parking 0
Restaurants 4
  • Post Office: No
  • Bank Agency: No
  • Bank Exchange Facility: No
  • Travel Agency: Yes
  • Shopping Gallery: Yes
  • Technical Service Centre: No
  • Customs Facilities: No
  • Forwarding Agency: No
  • Tourist Information: Yes
  • Hotel Reservation Booking Office: Yes

Who's Who

Mr. Maksim Soloviev

Mr. Maksim Soloviev

General Director
Ms. Elezaveta Zubakina

Ms. Elezaveta Zubakina

Director for the Business Development