The 2019 UFI Sustainable Development Award

Best Sustainable Development Communication

The 2019 UFI Sustainable Development Award is designed to recognise companies that have implemented an innovative communications approach that has successfully engaged the target audience and led to tangible, provable changes in behaviour or outcomes.

It is open to all companies from the exhibition industry (organisers, venues, service providers, associations), whether they are UFI members or not, and is free of charge.



Implementing and developing sustainability is challenging in the exhibition industry, as it is in most industries. This is partly down to the need to communicate with target group(s) in a relevant way.

All entries for the Sustainable Development Award must describe an initiative relating to the company’s approach to sustainability (taking into account environment, the economy and society). An initiative might, for instance, centre on ‘reducing waste generated by visitors’ or ‘getting employees on board with a particular sustainability project’. It could relate to how a company’s corporate communications deal with the issue of sustainability. It could even be about coming up with a more suitable word than ‘sustainability’ for the entire concept!

We will assess the success of entries by looking at the results, i.e. the quality of the initiative, the number of people reached and/or involved. Good results are generally down to an innovative communications idea that has been implemented efficiently. In particular, we will be looking for evidence of changed behaviour in the audience, measurable outcomes and addressing issues in a new way, or new issues in general.

Collaborative entries, involving groups of companies, are allowed.



By 1 March 2019, please send a short summary of no more than five pages in English to briefly describing your entry, including the following information:

–       Quick background (corporate policy/commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals when applicable, etc.), scope of the entry and general objectives of the project/action described.

–       Detailed review: description, implementation plan and measured results – focus, where applicable, on innovative ideas/concepts/solutions, costs and return on investment.

–       Conclusion: lessons, next steps (if any).

Note: While some confidential data may be accepted as part of the award application process, only those applications including a sufficient level of data for public communication will be considered.

The jury selects the winner of the award by following a two-step process:

1.   The jury assesses all entries and creates a shortlist of finalists (the number of finalists is decided by the jury). All finalists are then asked to prepare a detailed, in-depth presentation providing a description of their entry. They may also be asked to provide additional documents (to be submitted to the jury in April/May 2019 – date to be confirmed).

2.   The jury will, if necessary, organise a question and answer session, most likely via telephone conference, prior to the selection of the winner (in May/June 2019 – date to be confirmed).

The finalists’ entries will be promoted on and there will be significant press coverage in major international tradeshow publications, including UFI Info. In addition, the winner will receive free access to the UFI Congress in Bangkok (Thailand) in November 2019.

Entries that fail to reach the final but that are still considered as best-practice examples by the jury will also be promoted, unless these companies do not want to be mentioned at all.

Please contact Christian Druart, Secretary of the UFI Sustainable Development Working Group, for any questions and advice (

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