The 2020 UFI Digital Innovation Award

The 2020 UFI Digital Innovation Award wishes to recognize new technologies designed to support the exhibition industry.

What digital innovation tool or software have you recently developed or launched that you’re particularly proud of?
What are the features of this solution?
How does it help to make your life or your clients’ lives easier?

The 2020 Digital Innovation Award isn’t focused on one specific issue but to all kinds of diverse areas: anything and everything to do with the topic of “your very own digital innovation” in the exhibition industry.
Please include case studies to demonstrate how these solutions were implemented, the challenges that were faced, as well as the outcome and results.

The following questions must be addressed:

  • What drove you to develop a new programme/tool?
  • What were the main objectives?
  • Which value added services did you seek to provide?
  • What measures did you take to reach those objectives?
  • What were the specific challenges faced?
  • How were these overcome?
  • Were your objectives reached?
  • What relevant results can you share?

By 4 April 2020, please provide a summary in English, describing your entry to: More info on
This summary must briefly describe your entry; programme objectives, the actions undertaken to reach those objectives and the qualitative and quantitative results obtained.

The UFI Digital Innovation Committee will evaluate all the entries and choose 3 finalists. The vote will be based on the following criteria: originality, strategy, effectiveness, improvement in terms of services, results achieved and added value for the company.


  • Enhanced brand exposure through UFI’s global reach
  • Recognition across the global exhibition industry for providing innovative solutions
  • Exposure to significant international press coverage
  • Complimentary registration to join and present the winning entry at the UFI Global Congress 2020.
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