The 2021 UFI Digital Innovation Award

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Digital transition has been happening slowly in our industry for a long time. However COVID-19 forced everyone to go fully digital not only for events but for also our day-to-day work. It makes no doubt that we will emerge from this crisis in a different world and our industry must be ready to tackle the new challenges. For this Award, we will focus on Digital Innovations that will help the exhibition industry to recover and strive after the crisis. What are the new tools, platforms and technologies that will allow us to create the next generation of events for the post-COVID world?

If you or your company have created an innovative platform, technology  or digitally-enabled event format that will help the exhibition industry to recover from the crisis, submit it! It might win this year’s prestigious UFI Digital Innovation Award.


Marketing Award

The UFI Marketing Award is given to the best initiatives undertaken by exhibition professionals which utilizes personalized marketing to achieve their marketing goals.

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Operations & Services Award

To give exhibition professionals the opportunity to exchange interesting and innovative ideas, concepts, techniques and knowledge to related operations issues.

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