The 2021 UFI Marketing Award


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The year 2020 will definitely be the year to remember. Like never before the global exhibition and events industry was hit suddenly and from an enemy no one expected. The World stood united in the war against Covid-19, however the casualties within the exhibition industry were staggering, cancelling hundreds or even thousands of events, exhibitions, conferences, meetings. Closing businesses, leaving service providers service-less. This has been a dramatic situation for everyone: organizers and service providers, but also for customers in many industries in an increasingly difficult economic environment.

Remembering the year 2020 is one thing, but what is most important – the industry has to recover from the consequences. Whether with the live, physical events and exhibitions, hybrids or fully virtual events, or perhaps with completely new concepts of bringing people and business together, the industry needs to redefine itself. Marketing, being the heart of any business, will play the key role in putting the exhibitions on the map of key marketing tools again. On the surface of dust left after global lockdown, we need to bring back the venues to life, bring back the exhibitions, set in the minds of our clients the importance of physical meetings as well as communicating the safe environment. In order to still allow trade fairs, congresses and events to take place in these challenging times and, above all, to remain in dialogue with customers, a wide range of alternatives have been developed, from hybrid approaches to pure online events. For the re-launch of physical trade fairs, congresses and events, approved hygiene concepts are the prerequisite for feasibility but also a challenge in communication with our customers.

In these times it is not only important to stay in close contact with the customers, but also to show that we are the organizers, location operators and service providers on the one hand “still there” and on the other hand ready to adapt quickly and flexibly to the changing conditions for the realization of trade fairs, congresses and events and to offer innovative platforms that meet the current and currently changing customer requirements.

Marketing strategies are required to give customers the assurance that trade fairs, congresses and events are the right marketing and communication platforms for their business success today and in the future, even under changing conditions. This kind of assurance is also supported by the resilience of the organisation itself – of us as members of the industry. Organizers, venues, services providers. Let us see your efforts and effects of the implemented marketing strategy after lockdown, and show the industry the results and prognosis.

Submission for the award must describe how a successful marketing campaign brought your organisation, event, venue or service back and has led to a measurable marketing success.

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