Exhibition Management Degree

International Professional Standard for Exhibition Organisers and Event Professionals


Based on the high quality of the programme and UFI’s reputation for excellence, the UFI-Exhibition Management Degree (UFI-EMD) is valued and appreciated across the exhibition industry and around the globe.

Contact: emd@ufi.org.

UFI-EMD in Macau (Macau) –  2020

Module 1:       1 – 5 June (face-to-face)
Module 2/3:   June – August (e-Learning)
Module 4:       September – October (e-Learning)

UFI-EMD in Muscat (Oman) –  2020

Module 1:       conlcuded
Module 2/3:    ongoing – April (e-Learning)
Module 4:       May – June (e-Learning)

The UFI EMD is an immersive and enriching course which I wish I had completed years ago!  The subjects contain a mix of good discipline and modern innovations and are completely applicable to the modern exhibition sector. The ability to network with peers and of course the instructors has opened both my eyes and new doors. I highly recommend this course no matter what stage your career is at.” Ray Tinston, Executive Director & Principal Consultant of The Experience Middle East.


  • M1 (On-site) – Basics in Exhibition Management: Introduction into the Meeting Industry, Project Management for Exhibitions, Exhibition Marketing and Sales Management, Risk Management, Joint Project.
  • M2 (E-Learning) – Advanced Studies in Exhibition Management I – 24 of 36 hrs. Intercultural Management, Participation in Exhibitions – the Exhibitor View, Special Event Marketing, Service Strategy and Organization, Catering + Stand Building, Information Management, Venue Management I, Joint Project.
  • M3 (E-Learning) – Advanced Studies in Exhibition Management II – 24 of 36 hrs. eligible: Controlling, Finance + Accountancy + Treasury, Market Research, E-marketing – Social Media + Public Relations, Agencies (Promotion, Incentive; Event, Travel), Congress Management + Interpretation, Venue Management II, Joint Project.
  • M4 (E-Learning) – Advanced Studies in Exhibition Management III – 24 of 36 hrs. eligible: Strategic Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sponsoring, Special Event Management, Exhibition Logistics.


About the programme

What is it?

The UFI education programme is divided into four modules totalling 150 hours. A renowned group of international instructors and exhibition industry experts lead the course on-site and the e-learning sessions. Over 500 graduates from 30+ counties hold the UFI-Exhibition Management Degree.

Why participate?

  • Optimize the competitive position of your business while implementing international exhibition and convention management standards
  • Upgrade your management qualifications
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Strengthen the planning and production of your trade shows, conventions and events

Together with the University of Cooperative Education in Ravensburg, Germany, UFI has created the “Exhibition Management Degree (EMD)” to train exhibition industry professionals to meet tomorrow’s event management demands.

Vital information

  • For Organisers of international exhibitions, owners/operators of exhibition centres and associations & government institution

 What do you get at the end?

UFI-Exhibition Management Degree, the international certification for exhibition management.

Graduate quotes:

“The UFI-EMD course was very valuable as it gave a thorough inside into the way the exhibition industry works. The trainers on the course were experts in their fields and brought a wealth of knowledge.” Corporate Marketing & Communications, Dubai World Trade Centre.

“Earning my UFI Exhibition Management Degree has helped me to better understand current trends that affect my business. Having in class room discussions with different participants was a value lesson for communication and offered plenty of time for netwoking”. General Manager, ZZICEC, Zhengzhou, China.

“For me the UFI-EMD programme was a great experience. The programme offered an extensive education of high quality, including all important topics that are unique for the exhibition and event industry. The knowledge and experience gained during the programme has helped me greatly when dealing with both practical as well as strategic challenges. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain strategic insights and knowledge in the exhibition and event industry. “ Project Manager, Adforum Ab, Finland.

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