Regional Chapters

UFI has five Regional Chapters across the world and notably in:

Asia & Pacific

Chapter Chair: Ms. Panittha Buri, BITEC / BHIRAJ BURI Group (Bangkok, Thailand)
416 members
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Central & South America

Chapter Chair: Mr. Raul Strauss, Fexpocruz (Bolivia)
47 members
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Chapter Chair: Mr. David Boon, Brussels expo (Brussels, Belgium)
273 members
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Middle East & Africa

Chapter Chair: Mr. Said Al Shanfari, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (Muscat, Oman)
70 members
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North America

Chapter Chair: Mrs. Laura Purdy, Exhibition Place (Toronto, Canada)
59 members
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The main objectives of the UFI Regional Chapters include the discussion of specific issues and areas of interest to the region, encourage cooperation between members within the region and help promote UFI membership and the UFI brand and UFI’s different services and programmes.

Dealing with specific interests at regional level provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and share best practices, whilst increasing professionalism, hence helping to raise the overall standard of the exhibition industry.