UFI is an international, non-profit association conforming to the French law of 1st July 1901. Its structure consists of decision-making bodies, regional chapters and working groups, devoted to serving the interests of its members and the entire exhibition industry. This structure aims at answering the needs and requirements of all UFI members by providing them with critical information for their business.

UFI President

Mr. Geoff Dickinson

CEO, dmg events
UFI Managing Director/CEO

Mr. Kai Hattendorf

UFI Executive President
(Outgoing President)

Mr. Michael Duck

Executive Vice President, Informa Markets Asia
Hong Kong
UFI Executive President
(Incoming President)

Mr. Hugh Jones



UFI Statutes

Internal Rules

The General Assembly

This is the most important decision-making body and retains final authority. Only full UFI members are entitled to attend and vote at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is tasked with implementing decisions taken by the General Assembly, with developing UFI policy, and preparing all proposals related to matters affecting international trade fairs. After thorough preparation, these proposals are submitted for vote to UFI members at the annual General Assembly. The Board of Directors is comprised of a maximum of 60 members.

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UFI Board of Directors

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee develops the general policy positions of UFI. The Executive Committee’s recommendations are submitted to the Board of Directors for its further review and action. The Executive Committee is composed of the UFI President, a maximum of 5 Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Chapter Chairs and the Chair of the Associations’ Committee.

Please click below for a complete list of the members of the UFI Executive Committee

UFI Executive Committee

The UFI President

Elected by the UFI Board of Directors for a one-year mandate, the UFI President is the legal and official representative of UFI, chairing the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the General Assemblies. A list of past Presidents is available here.

The Trio

This is the term used to refer to the UFI President and the two Executive Vice-Presidents (Incoming and Outgoing Presidents) all three of whom work closely together.