The 2023 UFI Digital Innovation Award


The focus of the 2023 UFI Digital Innovation Award was on digital innovations that deliver a business impact.

Each year, the UFI Digital Innovation Working Group receives dozens of submissions, and the winner is chosen based on their ability to present innovative strategies that best demonstrate how companies can use technology to deliver measurable impact on a trade show’s performance as well as how these learnings can be implemented by the entire industry.

Five finalists were selected and invited to present their entries during a live, online UFI Connects session. The results are:

The jury selected Questex for their ‘Q Activate’ submission. ‘Q Activate’ is a proprietary platform, which predicts trending topics and behaviours and activates vertical market expertise to engage event and media audiences year-round. It’s a first-party data platform and strategy that extends across Questex – from connected media and event websites to audience and product development.

The Winner’s Project


Matthias Tesi Baur, Chair of the UFI Digital Innovation Working Group, comments, “I was deeply impressed by the holistic approach of Questex’s application from the first analysis of what the companies’ data situation is to the vision of how data can contribute to a better customer experience. The application describes truly a light-tower project in our industry in capturing, analysing, processing data to create better services with proven results. Congratulations Questex for winning the 2023 UFI Digital Innovation Award!”

“There were so many exceptional and well-deserving finalists, we are extremely honored to be recognised as the winner of the 2023 UFI Digital Innovation Award. ‘Q Activate’ is an audience first strategy that touches every part of our business – from leadership through to our marketing and data teams to our product development and sales teams. This truly means a great deal to our entire company,” adds Rhonda Wunderlin, Senior Vice President, Performance Marketing, Questex.

The 2023 UFI Award winners will present their projects at the 90th UFI Global Congress, which will take place from 1-4 November 2023 in Las Vegas. For more details on the UFI Global Congress, please visit

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