European Exhibition Industry Alliance

European industry Alliance

The EEIA logo symbolizes the unity of the alliance as well as the many facets of the exhibition industry. Both the logo and the type face express clarity, stability and security aligned with elegance.

The European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA) is a cooperative venture between the European members of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and the members of the European Major Exhibition Centres Association (EMECA).

Its aim is to represent the common interests of the European exhibition industry towards European Union Institutions and other relevant stakeholders in Brussels. It encourages understanding and appreciation of the economic impact of the exhibition sector, monitors EU issues and advocates the sector’s common interests with a view to maintaining a favourable operating environment within the EU and globally.

The primary goal of the EEIA is to explain the functioning, role and impact of the exhibition industry in Europe and to achieve a greater level of interest, appreciation and positive understanding of the trade fair business among concerned stakeholders.  In the current economy, the exhibition industry must be perceived as a key vehicle for boosting business opportunities.  Exhibition assets must be appreciated and supported by those who define the business environment and create the operating rules in Europe.