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Euro Fairs Statistics 2012

Audited statistics of 2 494 trade fairs and exhibitions held in 2011 in 23 European countries.

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CEFA Report 2009

The following report has been prepared by CEFA and provides 2008 marketing data on the exhibition industry as reflected by CEFA members in eleven countries in central and southeast Europe.

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CEIR Examines Effect of Today’s Economy on Exhibitions

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently released RCSR 21.09 The Effect of Economic Recessions on Exhibitions, which includes research that offers insight into participation at exhibitions in the United States during challenging economic times.

Last year, the US National Bureau of Economic Research published news that the United States is in a state of economic recession which may have commenced as early as December of 2007. With the US unemployment rate at its highest in 16 years and economists unable to predict when the country will see positive growth again, exhibiting companies must be able to justify exhibition participation and be assured of a strong ROI from exhibiting – more so than ever before.

In the 1980s, CEIR published two reports titled How Should Exhibitors React to a Recession? and The Effect of Economic Recessions on Trade Shows. These two reports have been revisited and supplemented to include data from each year for 1968 to 2007. These new reports indicate that even though attendance and exhibit space may decrease in recessionary periods, key buyers continue to attend each year and the percentage of attendees that actually have plans to purchase remains high.

The Effect of Economic Recessions on Exhibitions is available for free to CEIR members and for purchase by CEIR non-members at $48 USD. For more information please go to