Become a UCP Education Partner

The benefits of partnering with UFI to offer UCP modules

UFI is synonymous with quality in the exhibition industry, and in fact the UCP programme is a response to many of our members asking for a such a certification of their UFI education. A professional designator associated with UFI is a symbol of quality, expertise and innovation within the industry, and the education partners who offer UCP modules are an extension of that reputation and standard.

UCP Partner Guide

With UCP you can:

  1. Reach new participants to grow your education business
  2. Create a reputation of trust and equality by associating with the UFI brand
  3. Form connections with some of the leading educators in the exhibition industry

How UCP works

UCP consists of two sections: the foundation programmes and the specialisation modules. The foundation programmes consist of UFI’s most popular existing educational offerings, the Venue Management School and Exhibition Management School, while the specialisation modules are more specific, topical offerings that allow participants to tailor the UCP experience to their area of expertise or interest. Whilst the foundation programmes and select specialisation modules are offered directly by UFI, the variety of the UCP relies on UFI’s partnerships with education providers all across the globe. These partners offer the topical education experiences that make the UCP so effective.

How to become a UCP education partner

To maintain the high standard UFI has set for education in the exhibition industry, all UCP partners are qualified and approved by the UFI Executive Committee. To qualify, the partner must meet three sets of requirements: partner requirements, instructor requirements, and module requirements.

Partner requirements

Training institutions must be able to offer UCP modules for industry professionals on-site or on-screen. They must also commit to complying with the UFI code of ethics and the UFI teaching style guide, which will be provided during the application process. The trainers must also comply with UCP instructor standards outlined below.

Instructor requirements

Training instructors for all UCP modules must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 5 years working within the MICE industry or topic area
  • Firsthand experience with the topic
  • Qualification in teaching, or equivalent proven experience
  • Excellent target language skills

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