Become a UFI Certified Professional

UFI is synonymous with quality in the exhibition industry, and in fact the UCP programme is a response to many of our members asking for such a certification of their UFI education. A professional designator associated with UFI is a symbol of quality, expertise and innovation, and it signals to employers and others within the industry that the holder works to a high standard and expects the same of others.

UCP Participant Guide

The benefits of becoming a UFI Certified Professional

  1. Tailor your educational experience to your areas of interest
  2. Fill your knowledge gaps and expand your expertise
  3. Stay at the forefront of the exhibition industry with the most up-to-date training
  4. Improve your employability and/or your value to your current organisation
  5. Make valuable connections with others in the industry

How UCP works?

UCP consists of two parts: the foundation programmes and the specialisation modules.

The foundation programmes consist of UFI’s most popular existing educational offerings, namely Venue Management School and the Exhibition Management School.

The specialisation modules are more specific, topical offerings that allow participants to tailor the UCP experience to their area of expertise or interest. All training courses have been carefully vetted and approved to serve under the UCP umbrella.

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