UN SDG Reporting

What are the UN SDGs and why are they important?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action by all countries to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The 17 goals address the global challenges that we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, economic prosperity, and justice. The aim is to achieve all 17 goals and their accompanied targets by 2030, and businesses play a crucial role in ensuring this success.

Where can I learn more about the SDGs: Visit the official website for more information here.

How the exhibition industry can contribute to the SDGs? The industry has huge scale as each exhibition reaches tens of thousands of people. Exhibitions encompass all sectors of business, government, and civil society, and a large value chain of partners and stakeholders come together to put the exhibition together. With such a wide audience and reach, the exhibition industry can have meaningful collective impact. The SDGs are touched in many different ways: Through an exhibition’s theme, the way it is organized and operationalized, and the way it is supported by its suppliers and partners.

What is UFI doing in this initiative to support that? UFI is gathering best practices to spread awareness of the SDGs and how the industry players are contributing to catalyze a sustainable future for all. UFI will provide an online searchable database for free. The new UFI SDG database will aim to launch in April/May, prior to the Global Exhibitions Day.

How can you contribute? You can demonstrate how your initiative contributes to the SDGs by being a part of this unprecedented database and highlighting your best practices.

Why participate?
1.    Opportunity to learn more about the SDGs
2.    Recognized for contributions to SDGs
3.    UFI will edit and systemize entries to ensure that they are relevant to the database.

UN SDGs Online Activity Reporting Tool
The tool is dedicated to collect and share best practices in the industry that contribute to the SDGs. Initiatives will be accepted until the end of April. How to participate:

  • Select and download the corresponding UFI SDG Reporting Template:

Type I: Exhibition Theme: How the theme of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs
Type II: Exhibition Operation: How the operator of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs
Type III: Company’s Operations: How a company’s own operations contribute to the SDGs

  • Send the completed template to SDG@greenviewportal.com. Please note that only entries provided until 30 April are likely to be included in the full report to be released early June for GED19. Follow-ups may be requested for additional information or clarification
  • Once your entry is validated, find it on the searchable online database and search for others! Please note that the database will be available in March/April. In the meantime, please see sample validated entries below:

RELX_Global_typeI_Plastic waste display